come back to the present in 4 minutes

ground yourself in the present moment

Hello friends,

Sometimes, intrusive thoughts enter our mind and refuse to let go. It is for times like these that a grounding exercise is extremely useful.

During times of anxiety, our breath can be our anchor. But there are so many other ways to bring your attention, away from the intrusive thoughts, back to life as it is happening.

One of these exercises is the grounding exercise or the 5-4-3-2-1 method, especially useful for those times when you need a quick way to bring your thoughts back to the present.

Watch the video for a guided version of the exercise on YouTube. Just click on the image to go to YouTube. It is only 4 minutes long and will help you a lot.

Watch the video

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TL;DR - I hope you are well. Use this link to bring you back to the present in 4 minutes.

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